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Building a TERA (terraced houses) kit

This page gives a step by step photo guide to the building of one of the Kingsway range of card kits.



 You will need to use a sharp knife and a steel rule on a cutting mat. The mat will protect the table and also enable the blade to run straight. ↓




The blade must be sharp to cut accurately! 














  ↑ Use clear adhesive tape to 'glaze'  the printed windows.



← Any cut edges that will show need to be coloured although often all that is required is to run a soft lead pencil along the edge.




  Use a black pen to continue any markings around the cut edge.  →




 ←  Glue the window card behind the wall lining up the windows carefully with openings.




 Build up the porches by adding first the floors   →    and then the walls, and finally the printed doors. ↓


The end and intermediate walls need to have a printed brickpaper label stuck to the rear, → and after two card layers are added to build up the chimney thickness, a paper wrapper is glued around the stack.  ↓


 ← This will produce a neat brick finish around the chimney stack.




 The terrace will have a double central chimney→  

and single chimneys at either end. There will also be intermediate brick walls.


← Roof sections need a small piece cut out to fit around the chimney stacks.


  The roof is quickly built up in sections.→





 Pull the printed chimney pots under and upwards from the ruler to impart a curve to the paper.   →



 ←  Roll up the chimney pots, and secure with a run of glue along the edge of the paper.






When dry, cut the individual pots and use a black pen to darken the ends.  →



←  Window sills and other details are best added using tweezers.









 The model is complete   ↓



 With the addition of some paving (from the Kingsway PAV kit), stand back and enjoy!