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Kingsway Models - Inspirations - Street scenes

A busy London street scene made using the RSP shops kit, and the CHS Underground station kit.

 There are now an increasing number of different types of building in the Kingsway Models range.

It is now quite straightforward to add some paving (use the PAV kit) and create an authentic street scene.

Ready  built dioramas.

I can supply built up dioramas based on any of the Kingsway Models range. Prices vary - but will usually start at about £50 depending upon the amount of work involved. It is often possible to produce a larger scene than a standard kit represents, or indeed, to design a model that is not in the range, but the amount of work involved in design will inevitably increase the cost. I am happy to discuss your requirements, and suggest what might be possible. I will usually submit diagrams of a proposed model to meet your requirements.  Email me in the first instance using the Contact Page on the main site.

Most dioramas are by their nature unsuited to posting! They can be collected from Buxton, Derbyshire.



The pictures on this page are examples of my work. Some of the models have been specially commissioned by customers, some have been adapted from the standard kits. Some are little more than the basic kits with the minimum of additions - to show what can easily be achieved.

If you are building your own model then the photographs here will give some idea of how a little extra detailing can greatly improve the finished result. Many useful items can be found in model railway shops which can really bring a scene to life.


There are a lot of bus garages in the Kingsway range! Don't dismiss these even if buses are not 'your thing' ! Many can be used for other purposes. The picture above shows the offices from the BCTY Birmingham Yardley Wood garage used as a hospital. It might make a good town hall, or college, or maybe something else. Other garages might be useful for industrial premises. Why not take a look?


Don't forget to look on the Inspirations from you page to see what others have done!


A modern retail park

 For a modern scene, the RPU kit will produce typical retail units.

A selection of different signs are included along with a parking ticket machine. 

 The model may be built as a full model or in half relief form. 

 To complement the retail units, the FFR Fast Food Restaurant can be built in three alternative forms. 







The kit includes a 'drive through counter' and also has air conditioning units on the roof. 

Little Chef restaurant

The Little Chef model is one that can be easily incorporated into a realsitic diorama. Look at the Modelling Tips page to find out how.


High Street scenes

The High Street range of kits now provides plenty of variety to enable a realsitic scene to be created without repetition. Use the PAV paving kit for easy to lay pavements.


 A wide selection of different shop styles - some with choices of shop names is available, as well cinemas and other buildings.


High Road shops

The HRSa and HRSb HIgh Road shops kits give a useful start to building a typical British parade of shops. The picture above shows three sets of the kits and the range of shopfronts supplied.

The new HRMa/b kit has the same buildings but with more contemporary shopfronts.

The picture above shows the standard HRSa (all brick) kit with the FB Ferodo Bridge incorporated into a small tram layout, built for a customer.

The kit can be adapted in a variety of ways the next picture shows another kit in use on the same layout. It was specially produced with two stucco shops incorporated. The buildings have been cut down from three to two storeys (an easy change to make), and the shop unit on the far right has been represented as a ruin, being fire damaged. The roof was left off, some simple card beams included to represent the remains of the roof, and the outside weathered with charcoal. Advertising hoardings were fitted over the front windows (or they could be left empty.)













The Kingsway Models flats kit builds a ten storey block. The model is  half relief and can be constructed in rectangular or triangular form (as shown here).


The completed model is approximately 17" tall.




Ferodo Bridge

The Ferodo Bridge kit is particularly useful as a scenic break. Here it has been reduced in width and used to cross a single track tramline. Kingsway PAV paving has been used along with some LED street lamps which here produce a twilight scene. 

Town post office

I've now added a few extra parts to the Streatham Telephone Exchange kit (STE). These can be used to convert it to a traditional High Street post office.Some post offices actually had a telephone exchange attached, others shared the architectural style.

Note that the telephone K6 kiosks are not included but are available from most model shops in the Merit rangeby PECO. These are economical and have a better shape than others on the market. If posing with the door open though, make sure you cut the 'Telephone' sign section from the door, as I have done here!



 Here is a small diorama of three SEMA traditional semi kits.


The model is designed to fit within a Minic Motorway layout which is incorporated into a large model railway. It is surprising just how much space is required for gardens.

 Various foliage items can be obtained from model shops. The paving is from the Kingsway PAV kit. The greenhouse is from Wills. The garden fences are available as a free download from this site.


This small diorama illustrating the new Kingsway Models 'Metroland' 1930's semi-detached houses was put together within an hour using some grass mat, dyed lichen and model hedging. The Kingsway PAV paving has been used and some offcuts of mount card has made the concrete drives and paths.The house kits include some lengths of matching wall for the gardens.


 This is the traditional design house, typical of thousands across the country.


Next door can be seen the art deco style of house, giving a  streamlined look to the suburbs of the years between the wars. 

 This aerial shot shows the general layout of the scene. I have allowed relatively small garden areas which could be extended somewhat. A railway line might easily pass at the bottom of the gardens. Various sheds, allotments, ponds, and other suburb's paraphenalia could be modelled to add further interest.

Street scene

A street scene composed of some Kingsway High Street kits with some adaptations. The RSP parade has some alternative shopfronts added.

Woolworths is twice the usual size and has an older style of fascia.

The Queen Victoria PH is a mirror image of the standard kit.

Motorway bridge

The Kingsway motorway bridge represents one of the early style concrete bridges used on the M1 motorway. The kit comprises the parts required to build a half relief model. (Two kits could easily be combined  if a full model is needed) This would be an ideal addition to a model railway layout, or indeed as a diorama for the display of any 1/76 scale road vehicle. 

Whilst the kit simply provides the parts for the bridge; measurements and simple instructions are provided to easily produce the motorway road surface using grey car aerosol paint on an MDF base. I built the small diorama shown here in an afternoon, but a larger scene wouldn't take much longer. The addition of some simple 'greenery' (available from model shops) will enable you to quickly create a realsitic scene.



Here I have used two MWB bridge kits to model an entire bridge.

The motorway of course can be extended either or both ways depending on how much space you have.

An alternative would be to use the two kits as separate bridges (each with a backscene) and a length of motorway between them. This might represent a roundabout above the motorway.







 The Kingsway Woolworths kit has been especially popular. I have recently been commissioned to produce a one off specially extended prewar version. This has been adapted from two standard models. The doors have been rendered in a wood effect, and the prewar signage added.

The prewar 'NOTHING IN THESE STORES OVER 6d' sign has now been included in the standard Kingsway kit. Ths standard kit however is just half the size of the model shown here.


 The model is posed with a length of Kingsway paving (from the PAV kit) and suitable vehicles.

Terraced houses

The Georgian style large terraced house is now available in a partially bricked finish as well as the original stucco design. Here some of the brick type have been fitted with Ratio plastic railings and contrast with stucco houses with solid front walls.

A further version of the kit (TERBF) is also available as a full relief version.

Other examples of these adaptable buidings can be seen further down the page.


I recently had an opportunity to see some Kingsway Models incorporated into a large model townscape. Here several TERA small terraced houses and the QV Queen Victoria pub provide the staging for some more upmarket buildings. In the background can be seen some TERB terraces built on a slope. 


The eyes are naturally drawn to the grand church, but the scene is set by the TERB stucco terraced houses in the background.



 Here an unsigned version of London Transport's North Street bus garage had been used to represent a car factory.

Eastend of London in early wartime

A wartime view somewhere in the Eastend of London. The STL on route 8 has received white paint on the wings and headlight masks; a poster exhorts people to save on fuel - the Riley and early Jaguar will soon be laid up 'for the duration'.

 The same view in colour more easily showing how the scene has been easily set up using a couple of the small terraced houses (TERA) Kingsway kits in the background and the large terraces (TERB) on the left.


Georgian style terraced houses

The TERB large Georgian style terraced houses kit benefits from being used to create streets of similar buildings. The kit can be used with Ratio plastic fencing to enhance the model, and with care can be built to enable the house to sit in a baseboard opening allowing a proper cellar. 


With some care the houses can be used on an incline. Ideal for using at the rear of a scene to draw the eye.







Baker Street station, Marylebone Road

This scene was designed and produced in response to a customer's request. It shows how a realistic diorama portraying just part of a large prototype can work quite well. I don't anticipate releasing this as a kit, but the parts are on file if anyone is interested - diagram avaiable, but no written instructions!

This view shows the entire diorama. Just three arches of the frontage of Chiltern Court are included, and the many floors of flats above are not there! This particular location gives the opportunity to display an ex-BMMO OM open top sightseeing bus, used on the Round London Sightseeing Tour in the seventies. The forecourt road of the station was also the usual resting place of one of the LD Leyland Underground Breakdown Tenders,  although the one depicted here is not exactly the right type!

Street scenes with shops

 The Kingsway High Street range contains many kits that can be used to make a typical street scene. These will be useful for model railways or simply for making a diorama for the many model road vehicles that are now available. Use the Kingsway PAV paving kit and add figures and street furniture available from model railway shops to complete the scene. Allowing for a reasonable width of road, a convincing scene could be built on a standard bookcase - an attractive way of displaying a road vehicle collection.

In the picture above can be seen the CWLO Odeon, BTG Burtons and WWMD Woolworths kits available in the Kingsway range.

Below can be seen the UCT Upminster art deco shops Kingsway kit.



Above is the RSP Station Parade Kingsway kit which includes a choice of nine different shop fronts.


The  RSP Station Parade kit can be extended using the RSPX kit which provides a further two shop units at each end. It also provides another six shop fronts to choose from.

Street scene with Burtons, pub and Ferodo bridge

Kits from the Kingsway Models High Street range can easily be put together to create an authentic street scene. The scene depicted here has been assembled using the Burtons shop and Queen Victoria PH together with the Ferodo Bridge, and some paving from the PAV kit.

A few figures and items of street furniture have been added. See the Modelling Tips page for details on how the lamp posts were made.



The Ferodo Bridge is easily used to create a scenic break against the 'skyboard'. A photograph has been used to suggest that the street continues into the distance.

1/43 scale lock-up garages

The block of lock up garages is the first Kingsway kit in 1/43 scale, designed to complement the large range of model cars available. I've been experimenting with a simple diorama dressed with some extra bits of wall and some greenery.  A few 'joins' in the tarmac and an oil stain adds some character. Full use has been made of the assortment of doors included in the kit. The diorama is seen on the right. The other views in this section have been taken in front of a photographic backdrop to give some depth to the scene.


 The black Ford Prefect 100E is a conversion of the standard Vanguards two door 100E model (in yellow) to represent the car I owned for some twenty years, having now moved to a new owner in Derbyshire.

 A smudge of cooking oil from the tip of a finger leaves a nice oily stain on the forecourt. The 'joins' in the surface have had a string of glue applied and are then sprinkled with grass flock powder.


Find more High Street models on