Kingsway Models Inspirations

real places recreated in card

Illuminated town from Mike Meehan

Some photos from Michael Meehan have arrived, and merit a page of their own!

Mike has been building this diorama over the last few months using a few Kingsway kits as a start point.

Mike has made some considerable effort to install lighting into the completed buildings. He has fitted clear plastic windows and detailed many of the interiors. He has also added various scenic items to enhance the overall scene.

 Above and left -

A view of the central square. The scene here has been assembled using a variety of items available from model railway shops. Figures add life to a scene and are available in many different poses, enabling small cameos to be developed.


The  Kingsway Modern Filling Station is seen on the left, in the diorama; and below a close up during construction showing the illuminated interior that Mike has fitted to the station shop.


 Above is an overall view of the model during construction. This shows how much can be fitted into a relatively modest space.

Below - close up of the Charles Holdn Underground station with the Local Convenience Store. Corbets Tey shops, and Cheltenham Odeon also in view. 

A similar view outside the Holden Underground station.


 Close up of the illuminated interior of the Local Convenience Store.