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Kingsway Models - Inspirations - Underground

There are various kits relating to the London Underground in the Kingsway Models range - Stations , and more besides.

I have also created models to customer's orders.

Ready  built dioramas.

I can supply built up dioramas based on any of the Kingsway Models range. Prices vary - but will usually start at about £50 depending upon the amount of work involved. It is often possible to produce a larger scene than a standard kit represents, or indeed, to design a model that is not in the range, but the amount of work involved in design will inevitably increase the cost. I am happy to discuss your requirements, and suggest what might be possible. I will usually submit diagrams of a proposed model to meet your requirements.  Email me in the first instance using the Contact Page on the main site.

Most dioramas are by their nature unsuited to posting! They can be collected from Buxton, Derbyshire.



The pictures on this page are examples of my work. Some of the models have been specially commissioned by customers, some have been adapted from the standard kits. Some are little more than the basic kits with the minimum of additions - to show what can easily be achieved.

If you are building your own model then the photographs here will give some idea of how a little extra detailing can greatly improve the finished result. Many useful items can be found in model railway shops which can really bring a scene to life.


Don't forget to look on the Inspirations from you page to see what others have done!


Colliers Wood Underground Station

A very special model of Colliers Wood Underground station that I have built for a customer.
The aim was to recreate the excitement of a regular tube trip taken by a six-year old to visit his Grandparents.
To this end the model was required to capture the 'flavour' of a trip on the Underground in the nineteen-sixties. The station has thus been equipped with lifts albeit disused, and the grandparent's house has been moved more conveniently closer to the station.
The model is lit with LEDs and small bulbs. The size of the diorama means that the train does not move, but the subterranean passages can be observed.


 A twilight scene showing the interior of the booking hall with ticket machines.


A similar view in daylight. The station was designed by Charles Holden as part of the extension to the Northern Line. The theme was that of a 'folding screen' which could be modified to fit all sizes of site. Typically, as here, it was arranged to fit a corner position. Morden station (which is available in the Kingsway Underground kit range) was a flat frontage, symbolising the end of the line.

This is a view of the lower end of the escalators. These are adapted from two of the Kingsway ESCW kits to create a longer version.


This shows a view across lower escalator lobby from one of the two platforms.


A 1938 tube stock train enters the platform. This is built from the Kingsway TSN Northern Tube Stn kit. The track is PECO streamline with PECO third and fourth rail and insulator chairs.


The surface building has removable roof sections to enable the interior to be viewed. This is the top of the escalator chamber. I was specifically requested to include the representation of a lift shaft, although the real Colliers Wood always had escalators.

Outside the station is a bus stop where an RT bus on route 155 is approaching past the end of a resited University Road, which is where my customers grandparents lived. Their house is also represented.

A platform level view, now with figures added. 

An aerial view of the station building with the roof sections removed.


This diorama was designed specially to the customer's requirements. The Kingsway CHS (Charles Holden Station) kit (below) builds a slightly smaller building of similar design.

 A choice of names are included. See details of this and other Underground kits on this page.

Arnos Grove Station

Not really a diorama, but an example of how a model can be enhanced with a few simple additions, the Kingsway Models kit has had paving from the PAV kit added along with ticket machines and floor tiles which can be freely downloaded from this site.

Leslie Green style tube station and underground tube platform

 Designed as a scene to be added to a main line railway, a Kingsway TSN platform tunnel kit has been used to create a sub-baseboard diorama with an Underground tube platform. Through the openings is a circulation area leading to an escalator adapted from the ESCW kit.

On top of the baseboard will go a Leslie Green style early Underground station. The subsurface part is lit with LEDs. There is no actual connection between the two parts of the model meaning that the baseboard itself will not be cut.

 Looking through the passages one can see a 1938 tube stock train in the other platform - in fact it is only one car -that's all that can be seen.

Other cars will be placed in the front platform representing a train entering the station.


The  circulating area betwen the two platforms has been created using the USI station interiors kit.


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