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Models built to order

I can supply built up dioramas based on any of the Kingsway Models range. Prices vary - but will usually start at about £50 depending upon the amount of work involved and detail required. It is often possible to produce a larger scene than a standard kit represents, or indeed, to design a model that is not in the range of kits, but the amount of work involved in designing new items will inevitably increase the cost sigificantly. 

I am happy to discuss your requirements, and suggest what might be possible. I will usually submit diagrams of a proposed model to meet your requirements.  Email me in the first instance using the Contact Page on the main site.

Most dioramas are by their nature unsuited to posting! They can be collected from Buxton, Derbyshire.

The first model shown on this page is a model recently commissioned from me of Lancashire United's, Howe Bridge bus depot at Atherton. The customer was able to supply me with photos of the prototype - I had previously never heard of it. I prepared a design and supplied an initial sketch (below) , along with an estimate of cost and delivery time.

 It is a large model approximately 48" by 22", with a 10" sky board behind.

The model was built within a couple of weeks. However I am often quite busy with a waiting list of items to be built.


LUT Atherton depot


 The front of the depot is recreated to  represent the real building as closely as possible, with similar brick finishes.


 Signage is an important part of recreating the real place. Period photographs are very important for this. 


 This is a large model that can be used to recreate some nice interior pictures.Roof glaing is plastic sheet.The picture above left shows the pit area with the pits covered. It would be possible to build actual pits using the arrangement in the Kingsway PITS kit, but the base of the model would be much heavier as a result, especially on a large model such as this.

 Building a true representation of every detail is not to be expected, but the photographs show something of the atmosphere that can be achieved.

 A yard or bus parking area can be a useful way to display a number of models.











 Finding details of the inside of a depot can be very difficult. This model had the interior walls finished visually with a few details loosely based on the real thing.


 Often to save space, it will be necessary to greatly reduce the depth of the building. A photographic backscene can make this less obvious. Doors can be shown closed, or as here, removable 'door units' can be supplied to enable both open and closed doors to be shown.


 With a large model, it can be helpful to have sections of the roof removable, as shown above. This can weaken the model - here one section of roof is permanently fixed in place.


 The complete model. Usually a road along the front is a good idea - giving more display space.


Inevitably each diorama is individual. Many of the standard Kingsway Models kits can be supplied finished for as little as £50, to be collected.

Remember that non-standard or larger models will add considerably to the cost, and finding the necessary pictures can be very difficult!

Having built the above model, I do have the parts 'on file', however the size of this building is such that is unlikely to be released as a kit, and certainly not in the form shown above!

Bexleyheath Garage (modern day version)

My usual preference certainly for LT bus garages is for the clasic 50s - 60s - 70s period, but .....

A customer commissioned model of BX Bexleyheath garage was requested in modern format. The right hand brick extension building has been demolished at some point. That at the left hand end has been clad in modern material and other changes are also evident. Unfortunately the most modern vehicles in my fleet (DMSs and Ts) were all I could find for the photos and are really too old!

 Overall view of the model showing the staff parking areas and modern 'safe crossing' strips. The building has been made deeper than the standard BX kit.

 View of the garage from the road with DMS and T vehicles in evidence.

Not only bus garages.......!

Whilst much of my work, is related to London bus garages, in principle, if I have access to photos (or drawings) any type of building might be possible. 

The Kingsway High Street range of kits contains a variety of hopefully typically British buildings. I can build any of these for you, or indeed perhaps anything else that you might have in mind. Below is a specially commissioned variation of the standard HRSa/b High Rd shops kits, used on a model tramway layout.

A recent commission has been for a Finnish railway station, Hyvinkaa. The two sides of the model are seen below.

The model was designed using photos of the real building, but was adapted to fit the restricted space available on the layout.

 If you would like to enquire about a commissioned model then please email me in the first instance using the Contact Page on the main site.



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